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May 2017

Clare has decided to cut her luscious locks and donate it to the Wig Project, Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.   Watch this emotional video as it was documented!

Latest Blog – 30/01/2017

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Temple Massage … A one of a kind experience

Lomi Lomi meaning: to Knead, to work in and out as the paws of a contented cat!!!

For those of us who have the luxury of having a cat that does that, you can understand why I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and almost meowed when I googled the meaning of Lomi Lomi, after Aleksandra, my massage therapist suggested it for my Myoka Sands Spa visit. I had never heard of it but if you read my last blog you know that I have decided to put my trust in my therapist so if she recommends it, I must need it.

In Hawaii, in ancient times, this massage was performed by priests and guardians of mystic knowledge and healing and was performed on the ‘chosen ones’!  Oh yes I’ll have some of that please!

When I walked in to the massage room, Aleksandra was wearing a sarong (for freer movement) and she humbly bowed to me (as she had done the previous time) and gave me a brief introduction of what I was to expect and if I am ok with it.  This moment between therapist and client is very important because being honest will determine your experience so don’t shy away from being truthful. She asked me if I wish to light a candle and set an intention/wish and if I minded that she starts the massage with a short chant. I was in my comfort zone so of course I said ‘go ahead’ but for those of you who may think they’ll feel uncomfortable, I can maybe tell you to let go a little and relax about it because it’s all for the good of your experience. This profound massage is one of the oldest and most powerful as it uses long continuous flowing strokes combined with the very loving touch of the masseur to relax and let go. One of the most important things I learnt about today’s massage is that old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that cause limitations are stored not only in our heads but also in the cells of our body! So body work, is of utmost importance if we wish to tackle a problem or blockage that we are facing, be it physical, emotional or mental.

As the work started I began to melt away. If they had blindfolded me before entering the room, I would have thought there were more than one pair of hands working on me! The therapist uses her hands and arms to work but you can also tell that it’s coming straight from her heart. It was so deep that I couldn’t get myself to get up from the couch when my 85 minutes were up! Good job that they have a relaxation room that I could slowly come round in as I sipped on the lemon & cucumber infused water. It’s all in the detail and totality of this Spa’s experience that prompts me to continue making these visits and sharing them with you.

But to conclude…the days following the massage I felt so much movement in my physical body, I had had these tension headaches for weeks before and for the past days they didn’t appear once! I had had nerve pains in my hands from lifting my son, which also seemed to have disappeared. But it was not all rosy I tell you. My bowel movements went a bit crazy and my emotions came gushing out on me! From my knowledge, I know that this is a good sign of blockages having been unblocked and we all know that these blockages in our body, are what cause all kinds of sickness if unattended to. So Lomi Lomi Nui Massage it is!

And one other thing, we seem to have forgotten the Healing Power of the human touch and how strong it can be in restoring our well being which is why I am so happy to be able to offer the opportunity to one of you to experience this massage thanks to Myoka Sands Spa! Just LIKE and SHARE…And book yourself in!

23rd January 2017


My Christmas Present….1 Month Later!

A month on and finally my husband and I have some time to actually get each other’s Christmas Presents!! My wish was very simple. I need someone to actually make the appointment for me & make me go for a massage because I seem to have been finding 101 things I NEEDED to do which were more important that looking after myself.   The timing cannot be more perfect! Im on the brink of spiraling down and I have 2 options, allow myself to do so or reach out for help.

My husband rose to the occasion and booked me in at Myoka Sands Spa, a stone’s throw away from my house so I had no excuses. He told me 2.30pm but when I arrived, literally a few minutes before, the Spa Manager smiled (a bit cheekily) and said ‘Good, you are here! Your appointment is actually at 2.45pm but we told you 2.30pm so you have time to calmly change into your bathrobe & do a bit of sauna/steam room before’. How pleasantly surprised I was! Ding Dong….reality check! This is I.   Always rushing around to arrive everywhere on time, which causes me to feel like I am chasing my tail the whole day through! No wonder I feel stressed.

I gazed into nothingness inside the steam room and I let my thoughts pass my by as I began to take deep long breaths.   Yoga has thought me to not take too long to switch off so I was determined to make the best of my time. Little did I know what awaited me!

I was greeted by this tall, very welcoming foreign therapist who took me into the treatment room, which immediately oozes that relaxation sensation with its dim lighting, wooden furnishings & soft music in the background. She asked me some basic questions after which I promptly told her that I am very stressed and I need a strong, deep massage. She listened carefully and took me in. She told me that the treatment I was booked for was the Signature Sands Spa Massage, which is designed to alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with essential oils.   But she reassured me that she will work with what I needed and that I must remain open and tell her if Im hurting. She made sure I understood the difference between good pain and bad pain and in just those few minutes I instantly felt I was in very good hands so I relaxed and let her work away.   Well sort of because to take the maximum benefit out of a massage you have to also respond to the work itself. She was softly reminding me to breath out fully through my mouth as she presses deeply into all my painful muscles. I was noticing she was using combined techniques that felt right for that particular area and I thought, this is no ordinary massage and neither is she an ordinary therapist. At the end of this full hour, this master therapist asked me if I wanted her to be honest with me. And again, in just a few minutes she gave me a resume of my body that left me open mouthed. One expression she used was that I was like ‘flexible stone’ which is exactly what I felt I had become! She head read me like a book and spoke of my blockages in areas that I knew about. As she checked that I understood what she was saying, she gave me a bit more… .. and mentioned those emotional blockages which we all have but are too quick to conceal. I felt like crying but because she was recommending how I should move forward and that if I am willing she can work with what I need at each given time, I felt ‘emotionally supported’.

Jackpot! I will be back! I didn t need much to book myself a package of 6 sessions which im determined to top up once they finish because frankly, who needs money in their wallets when you are not putting it to good use? I would have to spend it in painkillers, muscle relaxants and the whole lot to try and get myself feeling well again anyway. So I am marking my year 2017 as the year where I mostly need to restore, rejuvenate and revive so I can continue being the best I can be. This time, I need a little bit of help…… 😉 So until my next treatment, breath in and exhale long and fully from the mouth.


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