She’s Every Woman – Clare interviewed by SWAG

line_shadow-flatCLARE & PAULINE AGIUS – Sisters in Style

During all the years of being one of Malta’s most loved personalities, Clare has been interviewed and featured in numerous magazines…

 crsmall“Two of a kind”

Coryse Borg met with the director Rebecca Cremona and leading actress, Clare Agius to hear about life after Simshar and learn how Clare’s life experiences contributed to her meticulous portrayal of Sharin-a mother who loses her young son..Read more here 


simshar-newspaperThe Times of Malta, 4th May 2014
“Well worth the wait”

Paula Fleri Soler reviews the first Maltese Feature Film for the international market…Read more here


“Old-School Mother with a Heart of Gold”

Simonne Pace catches up with “Simshar” actress and TV personality Clare Agius, mother of two year old Luke, who talks about the joys of motherhood, her booming career and her simple family life. Read more here



1The Times of Malta, 16th February 2014
“50 Shades of Love”

Paul Xuereb reviews the topical ‘Jien Inhobb, Inti Thobb’
Simon Bartolo’s newly-scripted play, Jiena Nhobb, inti Thobb, is a play that is often funny but also very serious…Read more here



2_sunday circleThe Sunday Circle, April 2012
“Great expectations”

As she nears the end of her pregnancy, presenter Clare Agius Sparling talks to Mariella Camilleri about the joys of expecting and the journey that lies ahead. Read more here



4-alive-&-healthyAlive & Healthy – December 2009
“My Kind of Life”

Welcome to “My Kind of Life’. No, this is not a misprint. Instead of just giving our readers the lowdown on what our Cover Guys and Gals eat, there is now the added bonus of their lives and how they revolve. Clare Agius talks to Suzanne Bonello. Read more here



3_FirstFirst – October 2009
“My Favourite Room”

Everybody has a childhood dream of what they want to do when they grow up. Some people are lucky to see their dreams realised without much effort and others get up in the morning and continue to chase their dreams until they become a reality. Clare Agius’s dream as a girl was to be able to fly an airplane. Read more here



6-tuned-inThe Economic Update – August 2008
“Tuned In”

Clare Agius wears many hats. Not only is she a well-known TV presenter. producer and actress, but she is also a…Read more here



5-stylespyTune In
“Style Spy”

Clare Agius is one of the most familiar and popular personalities of Maltese TV. Clare has spent the past 15 years producing, presenting and performing in various disciplines for our entertainment and enlightenment. Read more here





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